Warning, I'm revealing details of CSI episodes not yet broadcast in France, so if you don't want to know about them, don't read any further.
Attention, dans ce message je parle de détails sur des épisodes de CSI (Les experts) pas encore diffusés en France, si vous ne voulez pas les connaître, ne lisez pas plus loin

Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but I'm a huge fan of CSI. Not the spin offs, but the original one taking place in Las Vegas. France is almost two seasons behind on the American schedule so basically I'm watching those that are currently broadcast in the US, that is Season 7 that just ended a month ago.
As you know from lurking around here, I'm also a amateur model maker, and I must say that I was thrilled by seeing this passion come in as a major player in the intrigue of the entire Season 7. The attention to detail is indeed the thing in common and I must admit I might have actually liked being a forensic scientist.
And finally in that last episode are we to meet with the psychopath behind all this, a completely delusional woman that looks around my age and that has incredible miniature making skills and tools. I know I wouldn't be able to do what she does in real life and I know she is not real but this shines a whole new light on my passion for model making and for passion in general: There is something totally irrational to it!
When you are passionate about something or someone, there are things that common sense and good logic cannot explain. Is this bad? Not if you can balance the irrational and rational moments in your life, but I must admit I have certain doubts about my ability to achieve this.
I'm a grown man who's still playing with what some people would call toys and I'm still single without a good reason but for the fact that I might be afraid of commitment despite all I'm saying about it.
And there comes this season finale episode that's actually a two part episode which means I'll have to wait until some time in September to get the final answers to whether or not what she did is real or faked.
I think I'm a little to passionate about this whole season finale thing, but I can't help thinking that I can't do a thing right if I'm not passionate about it. And there I'm back at my own insecurities about what I think a woman would expect a guy like to be capable of: Would passion be enough to compensate my perceived and/or real shortcomings? I don't know and that might actually be what's scaring me the most...