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This article presents how I have reused my dead Presario 2710 laptop and turned it into a KVM console for my server


The Presario 2710 was my laptop during the 2002-2008 years. It died a first time in 2003, the motherboard wouldn't supply any current anymore. I had it repaired (cost me a fortune) but when it died again with the same symptoms in 2008, I decided to put it back to rest.

At that time, I though about reusing the LCD panel as a secondary monitor for my new PC, but I couldn't find any documentation apart from the fact that converting VGA to LVDS would be difficult, especially without the proper pinouts for the different connectors.

Zoom fast to 2015 where I discover that LCD converter boards are available on eBay and the interest on that dead laptop rises again.

This article details the process that I followed to reuse the laptop.