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Opening the laptop isn't so much a deal in itself. 

Basically, remove all the screws you can find at the back and everything should come apart easily.

Removing the motherboard from the shell is a bit tricky because it is held to the case via the VGA connector side screws. Once these are removed, the motherboard is free and can be taken out.

The keyboard and trackpad are connected to their controller boards via flatflex cables and drawer type connectors. Slide a small screwdriver on the side to open the drawer and the ribbons will come out easily.

Make sure to preserve the trackpad assembly, it is easily reusable.

The LCD frame is attached with screws that are hidden beneath the soft rubber cushions. Once removed, you will find that the frame is also clipped, so simply gently pull it apart and you'll access the panel which is itself screwed to the backframe.